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From Collection to Cultivation

Mole Tamal made by Doña Inés (© Daniela Sclavo). An opened tamale sits on a floral-patterned plate next to a cup of coffee. These and several pieces of cutlery are photographed from above, with a colorful tablecloth underneath.

In summer 2022, the Imagining Futures network selected the project Living Biocultural Archives: “Collective Archivism” as one of its commissioned projects. This is exciting news for the work of Collection to Cultivation, as this ambitious community archiving initiative is part of the work of Cambridge HPS doctoral student and Collection to Cultivation associate Daniela Sclavo.

Living Biocultural Archives is a project to develop a mobile and organic community archive that is led by Daniela together with her colleagues at Cocina CoLaboratorio (CoLaboratory Kitchen). It gathers creatives, farmer communities, scientists and cooks around the kitchen table to exchange knowledge, design and take action towards sustainable food futures. It is one of several projects commissioned by the Imagining Futures Network in pursuit of more egalitarian archiving practices.
If you are interested in learning more about Living Biocultural Archives, contact Daniela Sclavo (ds936 @