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From Collection to Cultivation



João P. R. Joaquim is currently a PhD student in the History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Cambridge through the Open-Oxford-Cambridge Doctoral Training Partnership programme. He will focus on the history of plant virus research in mid-twentieth-century Britain, while working under the supervision of Dr Helen Curry (University of Cambridge) and Sarah Wilmot (John Innes Centre).

Previously, he researched the history of agricultural science in the Portuguese context. Also with a focus on the mid-twentieth century, this work noted the conflicting influences that shaped the creation of the main national agricultural research centre of that period. On a slightly different note he has also been interested in the transnational history of Cold War-era agriculture museums, which was the subject of his MA dissertation

Read more about João's doctoral project, 'Agricultural Virology in Mid-Twentieth-Century Britain,' or check out his contribution to the project blog on thinking with aphids.