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From Collection to Cultivation

A photograph of maize cobs

Lead researcher: Helen Anne Curry

This book project was supported from 2017–2020 by Helen Anne Curry's CRASSH Pro Futura Scientia Fellowship.

Since the late nineteenth century, an ever-expanding consensus has emerged—among scientists, policymakers, farmers, eaters—about the diminishing biological diversity of the plants we grow for food. This idea has spawned eclectic and sometimes contradictory efforts to protect crop varieties understood as endangered, distinct undertakings that are nonetheless bound together by an unwavering insistence on endangerment and loss.

The book project Endangered Maize: Industrial Agriculture and the Crisis of Extinction explored the history of maize cultivation to trace the origins of and motivations behind accounts of diversity's loss, and to show how these shaped the methods and tools of conservation adopted by scientists and states. This research reveals interests and concerns that are often obscured, or deliberately masked, by simple declensionist tales. It shows how conservationists forged their methods for preserving crop plants—their modes of collecting, classification systems, storage technologies, negotiation tactics—around expectations of social, political, and economic transformations that would eliminate diverse communities and cultures. 

In revising the history of today's conservation toolkit, the project contributes to new understandings of endangerment and alternative strategies to protect and preserve crop diversity.


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